Brown Bear Visuals | Annie Bray x BBV
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Annie Bray x BBV

Here is a clip I shot and edited of a few Brown Bear Visuals T-Shirts with Annie Bray Hines from Wilmington, North Carolina. I’ve known AB since searching for easter eggs at Forrest Hills Elementary. Our friendship only grew for years to come, attending the same middle school and high school. We have shared a plethora of memories: Roles in the musical The Emperor’s New Clothes at age 10, going from “the window, to the wall” in the Williston Cafeteria at the awkward middle school dances, double keggers celebrating New Hanover High School’s victory over Hoggard in Football. But now that we are older, we don’t see each other as much. When she comes back home from her job in New York City for Holidays, we always link up for a drink or four. Since she has done some modeling work before (as you can tell), I asked her if she would be willing to meet up and shoot while she was home for Thanksgiving. She was enthusiastic and a breeze to work with. Sometimes shooting with beautiful women can be intimidating, but AB’s easygoing attitude made for an epic time. Check it out and give her a follow for more on Instagram @aybee92