Brown Bear Visuals | Cam Richards in Puerto Rico
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Cam Richards in Puerto Rico

Remember when Cam Richards was in a social media war against Dane Reynolds to gain a spot in the Hurley Lowers Pro? The days before Dane’s social media presence even existed? It’s hard to imagine a free surfer, especially┬ásomeone as prominent as Dane, could get backing in a voting based contest without giving a shit about his personal media platforms. Don’t get me wrong, Dane is one of the best surfers on Earth, and the people knew that. The dark horse of Garden City, South Carolina wasn’t going down without a fight. He gained extreme momentum and support from his fellow East Coasters . As the virtual fire started, more and more people hopped on the Cam train. From celebrities like Jamie Foxx to college sorority girls who couldn’t tell you what surf wax is used for, my timeline was filled with #voteforcam. And how could you not root for the underdog in this situation. Dane did give up his heat jersey willingly. He wanted nothing to do with the scrupulous mental games that come with competition. All though the East Coast didn’t agree that Dane should have won (according to the clips that were being voted on), I think it was beneficial in Cam’s progression to becoming a pro surfer. It gave him heart, determination, and a reality check that his dream of becoming a pro surfer could come true. Now Cam rides for Vissla and has come one of the most prominent East Coast free surfers. Just goes to show you should never give up on your dreams, just keep grinding.