Brown Bear Visuals | Cutting Deeper : Balaram Stack
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Cutting Deeper : Balaram Stack

Jay Z once said New York is the “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of” and “There’s nothing you can’t do”. New York’s legendary rapper couldn’t be more right in regards to Balaram Stack. The swagged out surfer hails from Long Beach (New York not California) and has received a plethora of coverage this year. The cover of the late surfing mag (RIP), a mental part in the Volcom film Psychic Migrations, and is out here charging on the North Shore. His lack of fear is worn on his (tatted) sleeve, creating a fluid suave style that can be admired by every surfer. He is an icon to The Big apple, and to the whole East Coast. The “There is nothing you can’t do” mentality will continue to allow Balaram to progress, allowing for an exciting future.