Brown Bear Visuals | Brown Bear Bangers: Banzai Pipeline
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Brown Bear Bangers: Banzai Pipeline

When I came to the North Shore after I graduated in December, I knew I would have the opportunity to produce content with creative independence. Filmers and surfers alike release the latest news and clips online making social media the driving force in modern day surf journalism. As a freelance surf filmmaker, I came to Hawaii to capitalize. Out here, there is constant opportunity to film pro surfers in world class waves. It’s the meca of surfing. I have no endorsements. I don’t represent any surfers, magazines, or companies. So no one can tell me what to do (Creatively). Surfers are usually pictured head banging to heavy metal or drinking PRBs listening to surf indie rock. And that’s fine. I respect that everyone has their own style and taste, but that’s not me. I remember my mom scolding me for knowing the lyrics to Ludacris’ “What’s Your Fantasy” at the age of 8. I didn’t even understand the lyrics. Naturally, being from the Dirty South, I have an embedded desire to bounce to Southern Rap. So Ill let the online trolls hate and keep doing my thing. Check out this clip featuring a new Big Sean hit.