Brown Bear Visuals | Brown Bear Bangers : North Shore Goodies
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Brown Bear Bangers : North Shore Goodies

After the release of “Brown Bear Bangers: Banzai Pipeline”, I got a lot of backlash from the surfing community for my song choice. The trolls started commenting from their cyber darkness on Surfing and Stab alike. “Mute button getting a good workout” and “Surfing and rap don’t go together” were two of the many negative critiques. So I decided to give the people what they wanted in this one. Something with an unnatural twist from the norm of trap that is Brown Bear Visuals. I decided on a new Metallica song and compiled the clip of cropped shots with a drone shot thrown in here and there. I wasn’t satisfied though. The song was hype, clips were sick, but it still seemed so incomplete. Thats when I had the idea to add the Davey Jones theme song, giving the clip a slow yet peaceful intro to contradict the harshness of the Rock and Roll.