Brown Bear Visuals | Just Cruising w/ Quentin Turko
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Just Cruising w/ Quentin Turko

When Quentin Turko told me he was 18 years old, I was really surprised. The chivalrous grom from North Carolina carries himself with kindness and respect, the qualities of a good ole country boy. He may not look old, but the well mannered kid has a mature demeanor. I’ve seen how 18 year olds act not, I’ve been one of those shit heads, but Quentin isn’t that type of kid. He is determined and dedicated. Instead of going out and drinking beers with other unchaperoned gremlins, he would spend his evenings studying economics or filming himself present for his online college courses. His drive for success in everything he does is extremely admirable, and I think that he will conquer anything that comes his way. By the way, did I mention he charges?